Members of Meghan Markle's family dropped by Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, January 10, to talk about Prince Harry's fianceé and share a vintage home video of the future royal taking care of her then-baby nephew Thomas in 1991. In the vintage clip, Meghan sweetly places a pacifier in her nephew's mouth before telling off the camera person for filming her. 

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The Suits alum's former sister-in-law Tracey Dooley — who was previously married to the actress’ half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. — and two nephews Thomas and Tyler told the TV hosts that they "couldn't be happier for [Meghan].”


><img alt=VIEW GALLERY The future royal's relatives (Tyler, Tracey and Thomas) shared a home video of the Suits alum Photo: Good Morning Britain

When asked if they were hurt when they heard Prince Harry say that Meghan spent time with the family "she never had,” Thomas said: "I didn't take it the way that some other people took it, it was pretty light-hearted. They have a great family and she's not used to that. She's not used to it. I don't think he was negative, I don't think anything badly of it. Prince Harry is a great guy as far as I know of him."


Tracey also sang Meghan's praises, explaining: "She was always really creative, very talented. Vivacious. She always had a tendency to want to better her environment and she started that from a really young age in trying to influence people and influence society and so what better place for her to be right now than in the influential role that she's in."

><img alt=VIEW GALLERY Meghan's nephew said her father Thomas would do anything for his daughter Photo: Instagram

Speaking about Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, she said: "I can't speak highly enough about him. He's a wonderful man and he obviously did a great job raising her, and raising the rest of his family too," adding, "We're thrilled, and so is he." Asked whether Meghan's dad will walk his daughter down the aisle, the group agreed that it would be a lot of pressure on him. Meghan's nephew, Thomas, explained: "It's a big change from retirement and going into the national spotlight again… He is reclusive and he does like his privacy." Though Tyler noted, "[Her dad] loves her more than anything in the world. He would do anything for her. I'm sure if she a heartbeat."

The group also discussed whether they would be invited to the wedding, with Thomas saying: "It would be a great honor but ultimately it's up to Meghan and Prince Harry. It's going to be a pretty exclusive event. If they feel like they would like to invite us we'd be honored and if not we're going to be cheering her on." 


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