Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia talk 'chaos' of raising boys

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are living in parenting “chaos.” The Swedish royals, who are parents to one-year-old Alexander and two-month-old Gabriel, are adjusting to life as parents-of-two while still carying out their royal duties. “We try to create as much family time as possible in the evenings, with bathing and knighting and getting on site routine,” Sofia said in a new interview with Kupé magazine. “But ask me again in a few months.” She continued: “Gabriel now sleeps and eats most, but we still have a couple of small glimpses that it’s tougher with two than with a child. But there is also twice as much love.”


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The royal couple, who have been married since 2015, welcomed their second son, Prince Gabriel, in late August. Sofia, 32, noted that with two little ones under the age of two it's a lot of "diaper changes and sleepless nights.”

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While the pair's children are young, the mom-of-two admitted that she and her husband still worry about their children’s future –like any other parents. “We are worried about similar things that other parents do such as bullying and exclusion,” the royal – who works with her husband, 38, on a campaign against bullying as part of their foundation – said.


Sofia added, “That is what we are currently working on in our foundation. We want our children to find a place in life where they feel safe and we as parents will do our best to create such a place.”

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