Sofia Vergara has once again proven she has a thing for sweets. The Colombian beauty shared a boomerang on her Instastory Wednesday night where she’s taking a bite from one of the dessert trays passed around at an event, and to emphasize her moment of bliss, she scribbled a happy face with an arrow pointing at the tray. Despite her gorgeous figure, Sofia has shown to be a total foodie and that she has a special place in her heart for pastries–especially cake.

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We’ve known about her devotion to desserts for a while as the star talked about this in a video for the launch of her fragrance, Tempting, back in 2016. Sofia said, “My biggest temptation, the thing I can’t live without, for sure, is cake. “I always have to have cake in my house. I try to only eat it from Friday to Sunday, but, of course, that doesn’t always work…” And it’s true. Sofia isn't afraid of showing her sweet tooth and love for cake on Instagram with captions like, “OMG!!! My favorite cake just arrived from Brazil and had a baby!!!!! And, “Fridayeeei!! She uses hashtags like #ourfavoritethings and #nopainnocake. And based on the looks of the cakes, it appears the Modern Family actress doesn’t discriminate when it comes to her sweets as she shares pastries of all types and flavors.

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It’s hard to believe cake would the striking mom's reason for working out as she completely defeats the idea with her stunning figure, but in the video, she touched on the subject of her famous motto. “I love cakes. I love pies too. I love these because it’s not really a cake, it’s like a meringue, but it looks like a cake so I like it. Of course, who doesn’t like chocolate cake? I literally work out just so I can give in to the temptation and eat the cake. My workout motto is ‘No pain, no cake!"


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For her birthday in July, the Modern Family actress celebrated with a cake that matched her outfit. The 46-year-old looked beautiful in an off-the-shoulder white maxi dress with gold polka dots. The cake resembled her #ootn as it was white with the same gold polka dots, and the top tier resembled the ruffled part of her dress. The Hot Pursuit star shared a boomerang on the ‘gram where she’s posing next to the dress with the caption, “Who wore it best?” Evidently, Sofia is a sweets lover! Perhaps it was with the help of cake that Joe Manganiello won the heart of his wife?

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