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When it comes to raising kids, Hilaria Baldwin has plenty of experience under her belt. Ahead of Mother’s Day, the wellness expert, who shares daughter Carmen, four, and sons Leonardo “Leo,” 18 months, and Rafael, two, with husband Alec Baldwin and is pregnant with her fourth child, shares with HOLA! USA her advice for new moms. “Don’t stress too much. It’s part of the process. I definitely worried about every single little thing when Carmen was born and I had to go through that. If somebody had told me ‘Oh don’t worry about that’ then I would not have taken them seriously,” the Living Clearly Method author said.

Hilaria noted that having 'perspective' as a parent is important Photo: Instagram/hilariabaldwin

HIlaria adds, “You really can be driven crazy by some of it but then just to step back and have perspective be like okay this is just in this moment and then five minutes from now she can be a complete angel. So just don’t get so overwhelmed in the particular moments because moment to moment, minute to minute, hour to hour, their personalities change and they go through so many different phases and it will just help you to not get so overwhelmed.”

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Like any mom, the yoga enthusiast, 34, strives to make sure her children have healthy diets – even if that means tricking them into eating vegetables. While her son “Rafa” is currently in a phase where all he wants to eat is tofu, Hilaria admits, “I’ve learned is don’t make a big deal about it because the moment you make a big deal about it, it becomes a thing and the phase lasts longer. So he almost every night has that and then [the] trick is how can I get him to have vegetables so I do a lot of smoothies.”

The author and Alec three children together and have a fourth one on the way Photo: Instagram/iamabfalecbaldwin

She continues, “I’ll make muffins, but they’re actually like a whole grain mix and lots of vegetables. I’ll make a smoothie as the liquid and bake them in muffin tins so they look like muffins, but it’s essentially like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and [he] thinks that he’s eating muffins!”

While she's a master chef in the kitchen, Hilaria doesn't expect her kids to whip her up a Mother’s Day breakfast anytime soon. She laughs, “The day where I get to stay in bed and have people make breakfast for me in bed that will be like when they are like 17-years-old.” This year, the doting mom will be happy getting a card like the one her kids and Alec made last year. Hilaria shares, "[The card] has like handprints in it and their footprints made into little hearts and it’s the sweetest thing ever. If they can do something similar to that I'll be happy.”

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