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Now you can get Meghan Markle's perfect lashes with the help of these beauty products

Since her arrival in the royal spotlight, the Duchess of Sussex has set new trends and beauty standards. In the world of fashion Meghan Markle offers that special “Markle Sparkle” when she steps out and appears on trend. In the world of beauty, Prince Harry’s wife has shaken things up a bit with her long flowing tresses, whether they are blowing in the wind or up in one of her signature messy buns. One thing the 37-year-old remains true to is her minimal glam. The royal has been open about wearing minimal foundation so that her freckles pop.

Thanks to Lash FX you can get Meghan Markle's full and flufy lashes Photo: Getty Images 

Meghan has also remained consistent with keeping her lip color nude and minimal eye makeup. When it comes to her eyes, the Duchess gives off eyelash envy. Although her lashes aren’t the longest, they are equally full and fluffy – giving them the right amount of attention.

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Prince Harry’s wife hasn’t been shy about sharing her go-to mascara by Maybelline, which has remained one of her beauty staples. If you can’t get your hands on the brand, you can still get the Duchess’ exact lashes. Lash FX has released the Meghan magnetic lashes, inspired by the royal.

When Meghan isn't using mascara she applies a serum Photo: Getty Images 

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Instead of worrying about messy lash glue, the process is as simple as placing the magnetic strips on the underside and the top and bottom of your lashes. The $15 lashes aren’t just easy to apply but can be reused as well. If you’re not about the false lash life, Meghan swears by another product that will amplify your eyes. Th former actress revealed that she uses Revitalash serum to naturally improve the length of her lashes and help them grow in fuller. 

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