As Eva Longoria’s due date inches closer, her pregnancy cravings are growing stronger. The 43-year-old star made it clear that she is still very much eating for two in a hilarious Instagram story that she shared with fans over the weekend. In the series of clips, the actress can be seen appeasing her momma-to-be appetite while at what seemed like a casual BBQ with her loved ones. From a secluded corner of the kitchen, first the Desperate Housewives alum desperately chugged down some pickle juice straight from the jar.



Eva Longoria had some serious pregnancy cravings Photo: Instagram/@evalongoria

After her pickle juice fix, which is a pretty common desire amongst pregnant women, Eva set out for something sweeter. The Grand Hotel Producer proved that when a craving calls one must answer right away, even if that means forgoing a plate! Eva shoveled down some lemon pie directly “out of the dish.” Using a wooden spoon, she cheerfully scoffed down the dessert. Eva looked comfy cozy while doing so, rocking all-black loungewear.


I only have pies for you! Eva ate lemon pie out of the dish Photo: Instagram/@evalongoria

This is certainly not the first time the relatable celeb has opened up to fans about her pregnancy cravings. Back in February, they hit Eva in the middle of a photo shoot! "When you're doing a photo shoot but baby wants the fries close by!" she wrote along with a picture from her gorgeous looking session. The snap showed her sitting beside a lovely swimming pool, leaning forward with her elbows on a table. To satisfy her coming bundle of joy, the table had a bowl of yummy French fries perfectly positioned on it.


Friends that eat together, stay together! Photo: Instagram/@evalongoria

Earlier in the week, Eva was spotted out and about in L.A. with her husband José Bastón. She had recently revealed her plan to help speed up their baby’s arrival. “Just walking everyday hoping that will get my baby here faster,” she told fans in a video posted on her Instagram Story. “Thank God there’s a human coming out of this experience."

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