MAC’s latest collaboration is a nod to one of the nineties’ biggest musical acts. The makeup brand announced on Friday, June 8, that their new collection is in honor of late R&B superstar Aaliyah. “Inspired by Aaliyah’s own makeup bag, #AaliyahForMAC has been brought to life by her devoted fans,” the company wrote on Instagram. “The whole collection drops starting June 20 online and June 21 in store in select markets.” The makeup range features 12 new products including Brooklyn Born lip gloss, lipstick, a lip liner, the Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number multi-color eye shadow palette and bronzer. 

MAC announced the official release date for their collaboration in honor of Aaliyah Photo: Instagram/@maccosmetics

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“We wanted to make sure every single product either was named after a song or represented a place or a moment in her life,” Aaliyah’s older brother Rashad Houghton told Popsugar. The Try Again singer died in 2001 at the age of 22, after a fatal airplane accident in the Bahamas. While it’s been almost twenty years since her death – Aaliyah’s mother kept some of her makeup in a plastic baggie – which came in handy when fans petitioned to have the collection created in honor to maintain her legacy.

Aaliyah's brother worked with the company to honor her legacy with the collection Photo: Getty Images 

“The entire line is really for her fans,” he said. “My mom calls them ‘the special ones.’” Rashad notes that the collection honors his sister’s career with a modern twist and promotes a good message. “The archival music video looks are so iconic, but it’s 2018. She was confident, creative and not afraid to take risk. That self-assuredness is so important for young women right now. I wanted the line to adapt to fit people of any shade, any creed, culture or religion or orientation.” Aaliyah’s collection joins Selena Quintanilla, Rihanna and Mariah Carey’s list of iconic MAC’s collaborations. 

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