Eva Longoria pregnancy workout

Eva Longoria is taking these extra steps in hopes that her baby boy will make his arrival sooner rather than later. The mom-to-be took to her Instagram on Monday, June 4, where she revealed her plan to meet baby boy Bastón. “Just walking everyday hoping that will get my baby here faster,” she told fans via her Instagram Story. “Thank God there’s a human coming out of this experience." The 43-year-old and her husband José Bastón are set to welcome their first child together – a boy – in the coming weeks.

Eva Longoria's first child is due sometime in June Photo: Getty Images 

Ahead of her hike, the Grand Hotel producer also shared how she is really feeling these days. “I’m so big,” she said as she panned the camera to her belly. “I’m so big. I’m so uncomfortable.” Part of the way the actress is maintaining a little comfort is with her attire. The Desperate Housewives star admitted that she is over getting dressed up and wishes that the paparazzi would take a hint.


“To top it all off. There are paps everyday waiting for me to leave my house. I’m not looking my best right now. I look crazy," she told fans. “I don’t care about looking good. I wish they would stop taking pictures of me. I don’t even match anymore, because I don’t care.”

Eva Longoria is working out in hopes that her son will make his arrival soon Photo: Getty Images

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On the bright side, Eva eventually made is out for her hike and celebrated the occasion with some frozen yogurt. Back in March, Eva opened up to HOLA! USA about her pregnancy style guide – or lack thereof. She said, “I have no style guide for being pregnant. I think the only style guide when being pregnant is comfort. My line is definitely not maternity, it’s just a normal line for women. [The bombers] are the only thing I’m wearing right now which actually enhances whatever is left of my waistline.”

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