Hilaria Baldwin on how she and Alec picked the name Romeo and how the 'Baldwinitos' are coping

Hilaria Baldwin is a real-life Wonder Woman. She and Alec Baldwin have just welcomed their fourth child on May 17 and now have three kids under five running around and a newborn to add to the mix. Four days after welcoming Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin, the 34-year-old beauty is opening up exclusively to HOLA! USA about the delivery, how Carmen, 4 1/2, Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 20 months, are handling their older sibling status and the surprising revelation she makes about her 60-year-old husband as a dad. 

HOLA! USA: How do you feel?
Hilaria Baldwin: “My body feels pretty good, everything went really well. He was a big baby compared to my other babies. The delivery and everything was really good.”


><img alt=VIEW GALLERY  Hilaria and Alec's son Romeo was born on May 17, 2018 Photo: Instagram/@hilariabaldwin

How did this pregnancy differ from the other three?
“It was easier in some ways because I have done it so many times, and it was harder in other ways because I have so many little people relying on me. I’m somebody who wants to do everything and part of the lesson this pregnancy has been that it’s okay to sit down sometimes, and it’s okay to say, ‘I can’t right now.’”

You are home a few days now, how have Carmen, Rafa and Leo taken to their new brother?
“My children love him. It’s been hard to have them not touch and kiss him too much.” [Hilaria shared her kids came down with a cold right before her delivery]

How did you and Alec choose the name Romeo?
“We were thinking about the name Diego for a long time. Then we met him and thought he isn’t a Diego so then we started thinking about Romeo. Some people are positive about it, some are a little skeptical, but it’s a name with a lot of meaning. My husband is an actor so this name brings up his job and his passion. And then Alejandro is for [Alec] and David is from my family. He has three names, so we can always choose!”

><img alt=VIEW GALLERY  They initially wanted to name their baby boy Diego Photo: Instagram/@hilariabaldwin

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How did you tell your kids that they were going to have another sibling?
“Rafa and Leo didn’t really understand when I told them. Rafa started understanding through the pregnancy and now he asks, ‘¿Dónde esta el bebé?’ Carmen completely understood and was so excited. She loves babies. She asked if it was a girl and I said it’s going to be a boy. She said, ‘Mommy, I think you’re wrong! You can have a girl first and then you can have a boy.’”

So with that, too early to think about baby five?
“It’s really not too early to ask. I have to see what it’s like to live with the number of children we have right now. Would I love to give Carmen a sister? Yes because it’s something she expresses all the time and it’s important to her. We love our babies. We love having babies. The physical experience is hard, yes, but people tell me: ‘You love being pregnant.’ It’s not that I love it, but I’m just glad that I do it. I really appreciate the process, and I feel blessed that I’ve been able to experience it the way I have. Right now we have this new little person so we’re focusing on that.”

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How is Alec as a dad? Does he help out with the kids?
“He doesn’t change diapers or any of those kinds of things, so I’m mostly in control. Everybody will say that mommy is the boss of the house, which is 100% true! I always go, ‘This is what we’re having for dinner. This is how we’re going to potty train.’ He does play with them, reads a book with them, so we have our ‘sections’. This is what I do, and this is what he does. It really works for us and everyone is really happy.”

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With your last three pregnancies, we love how you documented your progress of getting your body back. What was your motivation behind this?
“With Carmen, I was so afraid. I didn’t know what was going to happen to my body, and as somebody who’s always been fit, I was afraid of being in front of people and not being my typical self. Then you see how amazing the body is, how it goes back and you feel good and you can have a beautiful child on top of it. My job is to help people be healthy so I said, ‘Okay, if I can do it, I can teach other people as well.’ Because I do it in a very healthy way, I get back in shape doing exercise and dieting so I wanted to show people that it is quite possible.”

Interview by Mariana Cornejo

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