Antonio Banderas gives health update and shares how his life has changed since his heart attack

Antonio Banderas had quite the outing this past week, when he debuted a new look and gave fans an important health update. The 57-year-old actor sported a clean-shaven face and head while promoting his new National Geographic show Genius: Picasso in Madrid, Spain on March 21. Antonio adopted the fresh look as an effort to channel Pablo Picasso for the series. While it is certainly a departure from his famous dark curls, the Spanish star did resemble the ionic painter as he walked the yellow carpet in an all-black ensemble. He also took a moment to address how he has been feeling since suffering from a heart attack.



Antonio Banderas at the Genius: Picasso photocall at Palace hotel on March 21 in Madrid Photo: Eduardo Parra/FilmMagic

“I suffered a heart attack on January 26,” Antonio said via the Daily Mail at the photocall at Palace Hotel. “It was a benign attack, it hasn’t caused any permanent damage and now I’m in a recovery period.” While he assured the publication that he was in good health currently, the entertainer did reveal that he had three stents implanted to widen the narrowed arteries in his heart.

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Antonio revealed that he is taking care now maintaining a healthy lifestyle, filled with exercise, nutrition and even yoga. He also admitted that he quit smoking after his winter heart attack. “If there is something good that came from all of this, it is that I suddenly stopped smoking, without needing pills or anything like that,” he told the Spanish newspaper Diario Sur. “It’s over!”


Antonio Banderas at the Genius: Picasso premiere at Cervantes Theatre in Malaga Photo: Alvaro Cabrera/Getty Images For National Geographic

It seems the actor was out in full force to promote the ten-part series, which airs on April 24 at 9 p.m. He also donned a sharp suit and tie on Thursday, March 22 to a officially premiere Genius in Malaga. “Exciting ‘Genius: Picasso’ screening and reception tonight in Malaga,” he wrote on his Instagram along with a carousel of several photos from the event.

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