Despite the name "Fashion Week," lots of the attention during these shows deservingly goes towards the beauty looks as well. Alongside the apparel being showcased, the hair, makeup and nails help tie together the big story behind every designer's collection. For Narciso Rodriguez's latest show, this rung especially true. The 17-piece collection was reminiscent of the long-withstanding athleisure trend, without letting aside an architectural and almost casual structure to it. It's provocative laisse-faire style was laid-back yet posh and put-together while relaxed — and that same feeling was transferred to the models' hair. 

Dyson's leading hairstylist, James Pecis, added on to the collection's feel by playing up the models' natural hair texture while also giving it polished movement. This, in turn, reflected the overall chicness of the designer's apparel. "This collection is really a look at the classic Narciso pieces and structure centered around architecture and graphic design," James said of the look's inspiration. "This is an intimate show with each girl individual with clean and polished hair."

James Pecis used the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to style the hair of top models at this NYFW's Narciso Rodriguez show Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

To get the look, James addressed each model separately. Since every woman has a different hair texture and level of curls, it was important to make sure that they all received a tailored method appropriate for their natural hair. James first applied moisture crème. The hair was then scrunched to encourage natural movement and texture.


Then, the hairstylists used the Dyson Supersonic Diffuser to heat and dry the hair without disturbing the hair and creating frizz. For those models with a straighter texture, the hair was blown out smoothly to give it a more polished look before using a curling iron to give the waves a slight "s" shape. And voilà! With that, the models presented Narciso's coveted collection to a small group of audience members in New York City.

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