Ah yes, celebrity workouts. Everyone is always dying to know the secret moves that help supermodels achieve their super bodies, and now we know how icon Naomi Campbell keeps her glutes in shape. The '90s "It girl" recently shared a video of a gym session on her Instagram Stories where she demonstrated a couple of "hip circles." The British beauty's trainer, Joe Holder (famously known as Ocho System), is responsible for whipping the likes of Bella Hadid and Maria Borges into shape, and every move they do has a purpose. Naomi's hip circles, for example, are the perfect warm-up move for an intense full-body workout. 


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Naomi's workout is incredibly easy to do since it doesn't require any equipment and can be done anywhere. All you have to do is get down on all fours, raise your left/right leg, and move it in counter-clockwise movements with the knee bent for ten rounds. Repeat on the other side and voilà!

“Naomi does this move every day as part of her warm-up,” celebrity trainer Joe told Self magazine of the 47-year-old's workout routine. “It’s part of a hip mobilization series that increases the range of motion in her hips and activates her glutes.” 


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These motions work your gluteus medius, the muscles on your outer hips. Typical leg and rear end exercises, such as lunges and squats work the gluteus maximus, and having a strong gluteus medius helps stabilize the hips and keeps everything in check making exercises like "hip circles" even more necessary. The exercise targets areas that don't often get worked on in the gym and helps with day-to-day activities like walking, while giving the appearance of a firmer behind. Let's just say if the move is good enough for Naomi, it's good enough for us!

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