Sincerely Jules on her dream collection, interning for Kanye, and why she loves Day of the Dead

Julie Sariñana, better known to her five million followers as Sincerely Jules, has a new project that might be her most exciting one to date – teaming up with Scünci to launch a very affordable hair accessories collection. “I was completely honored to work with them and create this amazing collection,” she told HOLA! USA during a recent visit to NYC. “My mom would make headbands, bows and head wraps for me when I was little because we didn’t have a lot of money to purchase the latest thing for school. She always wanted to make sure we still stood out but on a budget.”


Sincerely Jules x ScünciVIEW GALLERY Julie shows off one of her Scünci pieces with a comfy sweater Photo: Instagram/@sincerelyjules

It’s that exact high-low approach to fashion that has made her one of the most sought after influencers of our time. Well, that and the fact she has zero ego and is still extremely humble. Julie was born in Mexico and moved with her family to Los Angeles when she was a newborn. “My dad was a tailor; he is retired now,” she shared. “My mom always worked in a thrift store, and now she has one in L.A.”

With a sense of style in her DNA, she always knew she wanted to be in the fashion world somehow. Keep reading to learn about her internship with Kanye West, how many photos it really takes to get THAT one perfect shot, and why Day of the Dead is so important to her.

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Sincerely JulesVIEW GALLERY  The Mexican-born influencer launched her blog 10 years ago Photo: Instagram/@sincerelyjules

HOLA! USA: You have five million followers. Think back, probably to the first thousand, and then what did it feel like to get your first million!
Julie Sariñana: “It’s going to be 10 years in February. At that time, social media didn’t really exist. We didn’t know the potential it could have. I’m very lucky to be one of the first girls. [With the first million] I freaked out! I’m from Mexico, grew up an immigrant. For me, it was crazy that people want to see what I’m doing and wearing."

How do you keep it fresh for your followers?
“The main idea is to stay true to who you are otherwise you will get lost in the sea of the other girls. I try to surround myself with people that keep me grounded and inspired. My sisters inspire me so much. As long as you keep your eyes on whatever your goal is and just keep fighting.”

Your family has a big presence on your feed. Are there any family traditions you love?
“Oh yea, we go all out [for Day of the Dead]. My sister designs my look. She already handmade my dress and is going to do my headpiece and makeup. We all go to the cemetery. A lot of people put altars up for the loved ones that passed away, and you put their favorite things on the altar. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s part of my culture and heritage. Being able to dress up and celebrate that is awesome.”

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Sincerely Jules, Day of the Dead 2018VIEW GALLERY  Jules' sister designed her Day of the Dead look Photo: Instagram/@sincerelyjules

Okay, we need to know – how many pictures does it take to get the money shot?
“It depends but for one look maybe 300-400 photos. Here in New York I struggle so much to take photos. [In terms of locations], if we are driving somewhere, we are constantly scanning and write it down.”

You mentioned before launching your blog, you had an internship with Kanye [West].
“I interned for Kanye West’s Pastelle. He was always there and is actually very sweet and very nice, a little introverted. His whole team was super sweet. It was a short run because he never launched the line. I was happy to learn. The blog really started from me being in school and wanting to do something else.”

You do a really good job at featuring affordable lines along with those expensive brands.
“Oh yea, I couldn’t afford that [stuff] either at one point. Wearing good basics whether from Zara or H&M, Madewell, Free People… all those brands I still personally wear. I love all those accessible brands then mixing it with one splurge item.

Sincerely Jules in NYCVIEW GALLERY  The 32-year-old fashionista is all about the high-low approach to trends and looks Photo: Instagram/@sincerelyjules

If you had to recommend one splurge item, what would it be?
“I think for me, it’s always bags. A good, nice bag goes a long way. You can wear it morning to night whereas heels are going to wear and tear and are maybe only for certain occasions.”

What was your first splurge?
“A Marc by Marc Jacobs bag – it was olive green for $358.”

The ‘90s are back in full force as seen with this Scünci collab. How do you take a ‘90s trend and revamp it for now?
“You have to mix it up. Yea, you can have one ‘90s trend, but obviously mix it in with what’s happening now so you don’t look too outdated. Mixing high and low, different trends that work together.”

With these hair accessories, what’s the best way to style them?
“I’ve always liked hair accessories. Hair accessories right now have made a huge comeback. The prices [on this collection] are great and can finish off any outfit. The easiest way is using our barrettes, the jeweled ones. I would slick my hair in the middle and put them on one side. It still looks effortless with a little glam.”

The Sincerely Jules x Scünci collection is available exclusively at Target.

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