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Forget spacious kitchens, enviable bedrooms or lustworthy backyards, often the most interesting room for any influencer is their closet. And this certainly rings true for the Suarez sisters: Natalie Off Duty and Dylana Lim Suarez, who between the two of them have close to 800k followers, an upcoming fashion line and numerous collaborations with our favorite brands. Their wardrobe collection is more of a vintage sanctuary from Jacquemus gems to the funkiest Marni jacket (going through the coolest layering pieces). The California natives who call NYC home take us through their most-valued pieces and give us a lesson or two on how to mix vintage with contemporary pieces in the most refreshing way. They share how to pair unexpected patterns together and pull out outrageous “brunch” looks. Oh, they also spill all the secrets on how to become the best dressed with a touch of cool.

Watch our full interview and exclusive access into Natalie and Dylana Suarez’s closet to find out what and who influences their own style — it's just a fun girlchat overall!

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