Stacey Bendet

It’s no surprise that every fashion week – whether it be in New York City, London, Milan or Paris – has people everywhere wanting the clothes straight from the runway and in to their closets. And leave it to Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet to take it one step further this Spring 19 season to also make a different kind of statement. Along with the patterns and colors discovered during her travels, it was especially important for the 39-year-old to represent diversity in her designs and presentation. “I wanted the collection and experience to reflect the women of the world and the vibrant countries and cultures they represent,” she tells HOLA! USA after her presentation.

 Stacey with Nicky Hilton at her Spring 2019 presentation


Katie Holmes, Amber Heard and Nicky Hilton Rothschild traveled through ‘destinations’ including Careyes, Mexico without leaving Pier 59 in Manhattan for the presentation. The international models, who showed off the collection, will also be featured on the Alice + Olivia Instagram page as a part of their #womenoftheworld campaign. Keep reading to learn how the mom-of-three is using fashion to connect the world.

Models showed off the vibrant designs in the Careyes, Mexico-inspired area

HOLA! USA: How do you find inspiration for collection after collection?
Stacey: "I am always inspired by the places I travel! Colors and fabrics, jewelry, bags...and the overall style of different women and cultures everywhere inspire me constantly!"

What specifically was the inspiration for this season?
“Travel has always been a big inspiration for me; it is a huge part of my creative process. I wanted the collection and experience to reflect the women of the world and the vibrant countries and cultures they represent; the prints, patterns and colors from each destination continue to inspire me.”


Stacey teamed up with to transform this 74-foot yacht into her own Passport to Wonderland Photo: BFA

You are also casting models from all around the world and allowing your followers to get to know them – why is that important to you?
"The presentation represents women of the world. The alice + olivia woman is global and fashion has the expressive power to cross cultures and connect us."

Where is your favorite place to travel?
"My family and I love escaping to Malibu! It feels like a mini vacation every time we go! By far my favorite hotel is Villa TreVille in Positano. It is an incredible place! It is always fun to buy special things that are locally made and become meaningful memories from your trip too!”

Would you prefer traveling by plane or yacht?

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