Selena Gomez PUMA DEFY launch

Selena Gomez is pushing boundaries and not obeying expectations in seductive PUMA campaign

Selena Gomez is pushing boundaries with her latest campaign! The 25-year-old collaborated with PUMA for the brand’s latest ad. On Thursday, May 31, the Back to You singer shared the hot new image with her fans via Instagram. “Introducing DEFY – my latest campaign with @PUMA. #DoYou.” In the photo, Selena wears sheer flesh-toned leggings and a sports bra as she poses against the wall, with her feet showing off the cross trainers. “To DEFY is to be brave,” Selena said in a statement. “It’s about pushing the envelope and not obeying any ‘expectations’ placed on you by society.”

Selena Gomez appears in PUMA's latest DEFY campaign Photo: PUMA 

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She continued: “PUMA has captured this feeling perfectly with their new DEFY training shoe. I remind myself daily the importance of defying the outside noise and being true to myself.” According to the athletic brand, Selena is the muse behind the shoe. “She bravely opposes conventions and carves her own lane without apologizing. DEFY is a new and revolutionary training shoe. It’s platform sole is inspired by the resurgence of the chunky-shoe trend, defies training standards and goes beyond style.”

"To DEFY is to be brave," says PUMA's muse Photo: Getty Images 

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Earlier this month, the 13 Reasons Why producer celebrated the launch of DEFY with a special group of fans. Selena was dressed in all-black athletic gear as she danced around Paramount Studios smiling and snapping selfies with lucky fans – including Disney Channel star Jenna Ortega and Aislinn Derbez. At the event, Selena humored fans when she poked fun at her Met Gala look. After one fan complimented her beauty, the actress pointed to her face and joked, “I fixed it from Met Gala.”

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