Balenciaga t-shirt shirt

Has Balenciaga taken the two-in-one trend too far with this pricey shirt?

Balenciaga is taking the two-in-one trend to a new extreme. The Spanish fashion house, which falls under Salma Hayek's husband Francois-Henri Pinault, will be releasing the t-shirt shirt in their Fall 2018 collection that will be available in stores on June 23. The combo can be worn as a t-shirt with the button down hanging in the front or the opposite with a more casual look in the back. The versatile item retails for a hefty price tag of $1,290 - $1,490 and has left fashion fanatics wondering if this will be the season’s must-have item.

 Balenciaga will release the t shirt shirt in June Photo: Balenciaga

With any item that will push the envelope (buttons in this case) the Internet had some funny memes and reactions. Some users took to their own closets to create their own t-shirt shirt, while others roasted the look including actor Michael Rapaport. While it’s uncertain which fashion forward celeb will wear this look on their next red carpet or party, fans of the brand include Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Travis Scott and more.



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