Demi Lovato can't get enough of these $6,000 hoop earrings, get the look without breaking the bank

If there's one thing that Demi Lovato excels at it's transmitting her bold personality through her music, words and fashion choices. She's also always one to try out different trends, but there's one accessory that she always comes back to - her hoop earrings. The Sorry Not Sorry singer has been spotted wearing them on multiple occasions. The trend is also a favorite of fellow Latina stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Becky G, who have both sported hoops more than a handful of times. Since Demi uses them so often, she decided to invest in a pair of earrings from Gabriel & Co. 


Demi Lovato at the March for our LivesVIEW GALLERY  Demi Lovato performed with hoop earrings Photo: Getty Images

The hoops have a hefty pricetag of $6,180. The New York-based jewelry brand specializes in engagement, wedding and premium quality jewelry. According to their website, they understand the power of jewelry and its significance to consumer’s lives. In Demi's case, she definitely captures and exudes power in everything she does, making her a perfect fit for the luxury brand. She's an advocate for body-positivity, is transparent about her struggles with drugs and mental health, fought for the DACA dreamers and most recently, performed at the March For Our Lives, proving she's a powerful woman indeed. 

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Demi Lovatos hoop earringsVIEW GALLERY  The pricey earrings cost $6,180 Photo: Gabriel & Co. 

It was there at the rally where Demi wore the pricey Gabriel & Co. hoops, but it's hardly the first time she's worn them. The first time she was spotted wearing the 14k white gold hoops with encrusted diamonds was during her Tell Me You Love Me tour that started in February. Since then, she's also worn them while out and about during her day-to-day life and also wore them for her a magazine cover shoot. 

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