Versace is known for its lavish and over-the-top designs that make them distinctive and unique to the esteemed fashion house, but of course, the look comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, most Versace pieces are priced in the thousands of dollars range, therefore making their designs unattainable to a large percentage of the population. However, fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M have made runway-inspired pieces available to people who can't drop $1,000 on a silk shirt, and now, Forever 21 has released a jumpsuit that's reminiscent of Donatella's runway creations, and it only costs a mere $35!


Kaia Gerber for VersaceVIEW GALLERY  Kaia Gerber modeled a jumpsuit on the Versace runway Photo: Getty Images

Penned as the "Belt Print Surplice Jumpsuit," this low-cost version of the Versace pieces is undoubtedly inspired by the Italian fashion house. It features belt prints in pink, blue, fuchsia, silver, grey, and green, and also has prints of gold chains very à la Versace. If that wasn't enough, the jumpsuit also features a plunging neckline. Now, you can look like Kaia Gerber on the runway without sacrificing your savings account. Hooray! 

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Low-cost version of VersaceVIEW GALLERY Forever 21's "Belt Print Surplice Jumpsuit" Photo: Forever 21

During the Spring/Summer '18 shows during Milan Fashion Week last September, Kaia strutted down the runway modeling three different Versace looks. The first was a yellow cheetah-print suit with an elaborate silk shirt underneath, and the second was a long-sleeved sequined jumpsuit with Vogue magazine prints all over it. 

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