Amal Clooney's favorite shoe designer on how to survive all night in heels

With the 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony right around the corner, we can’t wait to see what beautiful ensembles our favorite celebrities will grace the red carpet with. But a question we always ask ourselves is, how do they manage to wear high heels all night long? Thankfully shoe designer Sarah Flint has shared with HOLA! USA her expert tips on how to best deal with stilettos for a long night out. She’s the favorite of soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney and Cindy Crawford, and considering how they always stand tall and with a smile, you should definitely take notes. Below are her top four celeb-approved tips for a pain-free night with your favorite heels. 


Amal Clooney red carpet VIEW GALLERY Amal Clooney is an expert at stunning (and standing) on the red carpet Photo: Getty Images

First, she recommends choosing your shoes well ahead of time and wearing them around your home for about half an hour each day leading up to an event. “It’s important for your feet to adjust to the shoes, and for the shoe to settle in. This is especially important with leather shoes – leather is a natural material and needs to mold to your feet over time,” Sarah tells HOLA! USA. “It might feel strange wandering around in sweatpants and heels at home but I swear it makes all the difference!”

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Then, if you’re wearing a heel that’s higher than three inches, the designer recommends wearing a pair of heels that has straps, like her Vilma heel or Kara satin pump. The straps offer much more support to the foot and, as Sarah points out, details around the ankle draw the eye up. Another tip is to replace the top lifts on your heels once they start to wear down, as this protects not only the shoes, but your feet and back when walking in them.

Sarah Flint high heelsVIEW GALLERY Sarah Flint's Vilma heel offers support to the foot thanks to its strap Photo: Sarah Flint

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Finally, she believes that the best way to get through a night on high heels is by choosing a well-made, carefully thought out shoe. Sarah says, "As a woman designing for women, I am thinking of the fit and feel from start to finish. Our heels have extra padding under the toe pad and foot bed, which adds hours of comfort."

Additional tips from the editors of HOLA! USA include using a numbing product such as Sole Serum, or using gel insoles like Duchess Kate

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