Designer socks are every fashion-girl's must-have item this season

First came the rise of sock-boots, and now simply socks are trending. What started off as being a statement piece for just the boys has now made it's way to the girls, in a flashier and more fashion-forward way than ever before. A fun and subtle way to add a splash of personality into one's look, a variety of socks have become every trend-obsessed person's must-have item. From crystal-embedded Gucci socks to logo-crazy Balenciaga ones, some pairs can retail all the up to approximately $1,000. Other high-end brands to jump on the sock bandwagon include: Vetements, Yeezy, and Fendi.


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Statements socks at the Gucci Cruise 2018 show

For many brand-obsessed people, and those caught up in the logomania trend again, buying a pair of socks is more accessible than purchasing a handbag or jacket. What was once considered to be faux-pas has become an off-beat way to make an outfit pop, and people are loving it. Even celebrities are jumping on board the sock wagon. We've recently seen Kendall Jenner wear a sheer pair on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, Beyoncé rocking them while out and about, and Rihanna making one of her million eccentric fashion declarations.


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If you're shocked that a pair of socks can easily go for over $100, think about coffee. Co-found pumps, David Heath, made the analogy between the luxury sock market and coffee to help put this new trend into perception. As he told Business of Fashion, 30 years ago people were not too concerned where their coffee was coming from or how it was being roasted. Then, Starbucks came along and convinced people to go from spending 25 cents for coffee to spending between three to six dollars instead. Nowadays, we have higher-end coffee shops like StumpTown that get people to spend between eight to 12 dollars on coffee. 

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