Lin-Manuel Miranda and Barack Obama

Is that you, former President Barack Obama? That's right, number 44 just dropped major spoken word lyrics on Lin-Manuel Miranda's final "Hamildrop" of the year. The Tony-award winning actor and creator of the hit broadway musical Hamilton tapped the former President to bring his final remix of the year to life. And we're now—you guessed it— playing this on a loop for the rest of the day.

Lin-Manuel Miranda took to Twitter to post a photo of former President Barack Obama recording the One Last Time (44 remix) track Photo: Twitter/Lin_Manuel

For the past year, the Mary Poppins Returns actor has been releasing epic remixes from his revolutionary Broadway show once a month. Artists like Sara Bareilles and Ben Platt have given the already perfect songs (Hey Dear Theodosia!) a unique and memoral twist. And now, one of the biggest fans of the show (and 44th President) has lent his smooth voice on the track One Last Time (44 remix), which dropped at midnight last night (December 21). Lin-Manuel took to his Twitter to show the proof, posting a behind-the-scenes photo of President Obama and company by the piano, presumably working on the song.  

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And if you're waiting for Barack's falsetto while you listen, don't. He doesn't exactly sing. Instead, he delivers a spoken word segment from George Washington's farewell address, but it's delivered in his lyrical voice. And it's so so powerful. Backing him up on the track is Hamilton cast member Christopher Jackson (who played George Washington on stage) as well as gospel singer BeBe Winans. 

The fact that the 57-year-old former president is featured on this song is probably not a coincidence. The lyrics comment on a president's final term and accepting the notion of change. The inevitable passing of the baton, if you will. Flashback to 2016, and you'll see this is the same song Lin and the rest of the cast performed at the White House at the end of then President Obama's term. It was a performance that moved the father-of-two to tears.

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 “What an incredible gift these folks have given to the United States of America,” the former president said after the 2016 White House performance. “It is rare where a piece of art can remind us about what’s best in ourselves, and that’s what these guys have done, and that is a great gift.” And now, President Obama has gifted us. Talk about coming full circle!

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