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Kate Hudson shares new photo of baby girl and it'll make your heart melt

Kate Hudson only has eyes for her little girl. The new mama took to her Instagram to share a new photo featuring her baby girl Rani Rose on Monday, December 17. There were no words for the sweet image, just pink heart emojis. In the photo, the 39-year-old holds her daughter close to her face and gazes into her eyes. Little Rani holds her hand in her mouth as she looks back at her mother. At two-months-old, Rani already has a style of her own. Kate’s daughter wore an adorable two-piece set, and a matching green head wrap.

Kate shared a precious picture featuring her and her daughter Photo: Instagram/@katehudson 

Since welcoming her daughter with Danny Fujikawa in October, the Marshall actress has shared a host of pictures with her fans. Earlier this month, Kate treated followers to a photo of Rani with her grandparents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. “Grandma and Grandpa duty…or should I say Mr. and Mrs. Claus #Iknewit.” In the pic, Goldie and Kurt share a special moment with their latest grandchild.

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Kate, who is also mother to Ryder, 14, and Bing, seven, shared a tender post featuring her oldest and youngest child. “Post Turkey Day my son comes into our bedroom, takes his sister in his arms and spent some solid early morning time loving her,” she wrote next to the photo of Ryder holding his sister.

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“I watched thinking... I’m Thankful for love. Unconditional love and that my children embody what it is when one feels loved. Let’s all have an entire year where we stay grateful. Keep this party going :) @mr.ryderrobinson #Rani.” Kate is looking to make more precious moments with those closest to her.

Kate recently shared a picture Rani with her grandparents Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

Over the weekend, with the help of Oprah Winfrey, the actress shared that she joined WW as the latest ambassador so she can get her wellness back on the right track. “My why is really my kids and my family. And longevity,” she said during a FaceTime with O. “And wanting to be here as long as I can. It’s really about the holistic approach to wellness.”

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