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When it comes to social media, parents can sometimes be embarrassing, even the famous ones. Just ask Rosario Dawson. The actress opened up in a new interview about birthday suit selfies she shared earlier this year that were not a hit with her teenage daughter, Lola Dawson. Flashback to May 9th of this year when the Puerto Rican and Cuban actress celebrated her 39th birthday by posing nude on Instagram. 

Rosario Dawson got called out by her 15-year-old daughter for posting a revealing picture on Instagram Photo: Getty Images

"Happy Birthday suit to me…39 & feelin’ fine,” she captioned the post. She also posed in her “birthday suit” in front of a mirror with a pretty bouquet of flowers covering her nether region. As you can see, Rosario looks stunning, but her 15-year-old daughter had other thoughts…

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“She was like, ‘Mom, are you posting this stuff…? I have kids that follow you online!’” the 39-year-old actress revealed in an interview with Access Live. To her, it was important to capture herself in that moment in time as she’s approaching her 40s and still looks and feels great. Rosario said, “This is about me and I just feel, especially in this industry, you get to a certain age and they want you to just sort of like disappear, and you don’t get enough people celebrating and actually saying their age…I just wanna be able to keep reflecting that out there as much as possible.”


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As for the key to her looking flawless at 39? “Getting enough sleep," she confessed. "People just don’t prioritize that; you wanna work out more and more but you’ll never get that last little bit of weight off if you actually haven’t given your body the time to regenerate – and plenty of water.” While Rosario and her daughter may not see eye to eye on certain social media posts, the Krystal actress has opened up about being a mom to Lola, whom she adopted in 2014. She told Us Weekly that the craziest thing she's done for love has been adopting her child. She said, “It’s so life-changing."

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