Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Sofía Vergara helped delight her husband Joe Manganiello with the birthday party of his dreams! The 46-year-old actress celebrated her soon-to-be 42-year-old man's special day early on Saturday, December 8. Hosted by the team at Dungeons & Dragons, the actor's bash was completely decked out in paraphernalia from the popular game. "Revenge of the nerds!!" the Modern Family star jokingly wrote on her Instagram along with a carousel of photos that gave fans a glimpse inside the themed outing, "Joe's early bday party!"

Scroll down to see Joe cut his cake with an axe!

The birthday boy and his cake! Photo: Instagram/@sofiavergara

Next to the beaming birthday boy, what immediately stands out in the photo is his intricate cake. The 3D confection paid homage to Joe's dragon-born character "Arkhan" in all its' red-muscled glory and read "level 42". "Oh my God!" Joe exclaimed as the group sang happy birthday and his unbelievable custom cake was carted out.

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Of course, an epic cake needs and epic cake cutter. To serve his elaborate dessert, Joe wielded what seemed to be a real-life Dungeons & Dragons game piece: an oversized silver axe. A huge grin on his face, he came down on the cake hard with his weapon, to which his wife was heard lightheartedly shouting: "Oh no!". "THANK YOU to everyone at Dungeons & Dragons for throwing me this completely kiss ass early birthday party!" Joe wrote. "It was incredible!!!"

Birthday beast mode! Photo: Instagram/@eric_mcintire

Generously giving a shout-out to the company that made his cake cutter, he added: "And thank you to @ontarioknifecompany for my very subtle cake cutter..." According to captions from Joe's friends, it seems the remainder of the day was spent playing the game!

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Sofía's Instagram, and the flurry of social media posts that followed, not only highlighted the game, but Joe's streetwear line Death Saves, which he launched earlier this year. It is inspired by various fantasy and geek franchises from the 1980s, collaborating with D&D for a new line of clothing with legendary artist Frank Frazetta. Surely the company was thrilled to celebrate their friend after working with him.

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