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When regular people have a baby, they get a nanny. When Cardi B has a baby, she gets a private jet. Welcome to the lavish and flossy, flossy world of Cardi, where flying private is simply a must. And we totally get it. Cardi and husband Offset welcomed their first child together, daughter Kulture, back in July, and while she may be busy with her popular fashion collection, buying a dream home for her mom, and performing at Jingle Ball, she still has her mommy duties. So yeah, flying private is understandable and so is eating crab legs if that's what gets her to her little girl.


Good veneers

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The 26-year old rapper posted a video to her Instagram on Sunday, December 2, showing herself munching on a couple of juicy crab legs while flying on a private jet. Captioned, "Good veneers," you can see and hear Cardi breaking, cracking, eating and adding extra lemon to her dinner. As far as flying private goes, this is a good level to aspire to. And Offset agrees. 

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"She's flying private jets for baby girl to be with her," Offset recently told Us Weekly. "She's paying a lot of money, but it's all love for Kulture. And that's who she do everything for first and I respect it," he said. "She's a new mom. A lot of new moms don't know what to do. She's learning fast. We're growing together and it's the best thing," he continued. Offset is also extremely proud of Cardi. He praised his wife saying, "It's so beautiful because she's worked so hard." The two have been married since last fall when they secretly tied the knot in September.

Offset and Cardi B put on a PDA-filled performance at this year's KIIS FM Jingle Ball in L.A. Pgoto: Getty Images

The cute couple performed together at KIIS FM Jingle Ball's L.A. stop last weekend, and it was a PDA-filled sesh. As for the upcoming holidays, they expect to enjoy some quiet time and plan on celebrating with all their loved ones, including Offset's three other children from previous relationships. "It's going to be a family-oriented thing," he shared. "We all get along. We are all good. So it's going to be a big Christmas."

'Tis the season to be jolly and we know that Cardi is as jolly as can be when she's flying high in the sky.

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