Hilaria Baldwin and Carmen Baldwin

How Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's five-year-old daughter hilariously found out she is famous

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s five-year-old is proud of her fame! The fitness guru opened up about the moment their daughter Carmen realized that her family is in the spotlight. “I was driving to our home, where we were going to spend Thanksgiving, and she goes, ‘Mommy, can I tell you something that’s absolutely amazing,” the 34-year-old tells HOLA! USA. “And she said, ‘Do you know that we are really famous?’” When Hilaria asked Carmen to explain how she came to that conclusion, the kindergartener revealed that a friend from school has a book with the entire family’s picture on it.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin's daughter has a hilarious definition of fame Photo: Instagram/@hilariabaldwin

Hilaria realized that Carmen’s friend was talking about the latest edition of HOLA! USA – which features the Baldwinitos on the cover. When she asked Carmen to explain the definition of fame, she hilariously shares: “I think that I am her favorite friend in the entire school and that’s what it means to be famous.” Adding: “They say these things and they’re just so funny.”

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Hilaria, who is also mother to, Rafael, three, Leonardo, two, and six-month-old Romeo –noted that her children haven’t quite realized that everyone doesn’t live the same lifestyle. “They understand what we do, but they don’t understand that what we do is not what every other mommy and daddy does,” she says. “They know that there’s paparazzi out there, but they think that everybody has paparazzi.”


Hilaria shares anecdotes such as these, and much more, on her podcast Mom Brain. The mommy-of-four sits down with friend Daphne Oz and a host of celebrity parents, doctors and experts and get real about motherhood. “We wanted to create a community for people where we can share what we’re talking about and also talk to other moms, dads and experts about questions that we have,” she notes. 

The family appears on the latest edition of HOLA! USA Photo: Instagram/@hilariabaldwin 

“We wanted it to be no judgment. There are mom sites out there and a lot of them have a certain focus and this is our way.” While the job requires her to spend some time away from family, Hilaria isn’t letting her mom guilt get in the way of her focus.

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“I’m loving my job right now because I get to go to work and I get to learn so much,” she adds. “That’s what this is. We just sit down, and we pick each other’s brains. I want to know everything. It’s literally so fun.” The podcast, which features interviews with Jordin Sparks, Sheryl Crow and more is available on iTunes. 

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