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Julia Roberts’ reaction to working inside a stuffy bear costume may surprise you

Julia Roberts is one of the most prominent actresses in the entertainment business. The superstar has been in the showbiz industry for more than 30 years and classic movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich – the list goes on – have marked a special place in our hearts. But like most megastars, Julia's first job had nothing to do with the entertainment business other than its name. The 51-year-old actress was invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday where she told Ellen her first gig as a teenager in high school was to dress up as a bear and hand out birthday cakes at a pizza parlor called none other than Showbiz Pizza.

In 2001, Julia Roberts received an Oscar for her starring role in Erin Brockovich

“I wore a bear costume and brought out the birthday cakes, “ she told Ellen. “People wanted to receive food from a bear,” asked the t.v. host with a puzzled look. “Just the cake,” replied Julia. The Eat Pray Love star compared the pizza place to a Chuck E. Cheeses and then shared the amusing fact that the bear costume had a wear history. “I was not the only person to wear this costume. For sure there were bears before me.” She continued,” So when you would get in it you would just sort of like [say] I can do this for minimum wage and put that head on." The Ocean's Eleven starlet continued, "And there was a button on the very top that had a fan that really just circulated the history of that costume.”

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Her story caused loud laughs in the audience. And although one would imagine this job to be nothing short of a claustrophobic nightmare, the mom-of-three didn’t think it was the worst as one would imagine. Julia told Ellen she was happy with her job and even sort of loved it. “Now that I’m talking about it, it sounds awful," said the Oscar winner. "But really, at the time I somehow –” “You loved it,” said Ellen. “I guess,” she replied. As we all know, Julia went on to do so much more since her days at the pizza parlor. In 2001 she won an Oscar for her role Erin Brockovich and has also been awarded three Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress in Steel Magnolias, Best Actress in Pretty Woman and Erin Brockovich

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Julia's most recent affair is in Amazon’s new series, Homecoming, where she plays a caseworker at Homecoming, a facility that helps soldiers transition back to civilian life. Clearly, Julia has come a long way since her days at the pizza parlor, and she's not stopping anytime soon!

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