Sofia Vergara mirror selfie

Proof that Sofia Vergara's favorite spot to take selfies is her kitchen

Sofia Vergara seems to know the recipe for the perfect selfie: good lighting and an amazing oversized mirror. Like us, the Modern Family star can’t resist taking a mirror picture, and her favorite spot to snap them appears to be her gorgeous kitchen. The TV star’s go-to mirror for photos reflects her tidy kitchen in the background.

Sofia Vergara can't pass up a good mirror selfie Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara

The Colombian beauty often shares photos on Instagram of herself posing in front of the wall mirror for "fashion selfis." Whether she’s heading out for date night with husband Joe Manganiello, celebrating Halloween in costume with her son Manolo, or, you know, any regular day of the week, Sofia enjoys showing off her stylish looks from the comfort of her Los Angeles home.


Case in point, on Wednesday, November 28, the mom-of-one posted a snapshot of herself sporting a black button-down shirt, blue jeans, pumps and a statement red bag. Alongside the image, the actress simple penned, “Ready #fashionselfi.” And in October, before hitting the town with her husband of three years, the 46-year-old took a picture of her white hot look, captioned: “Date night [heart emoji] #fashionselfi.”

The TV star's mirror reflects the actress' kitchen in the background Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara

Sofia’s selfies give fans a glimpse inside her elegant kitchen and dining area, which feature white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, a chandelier and beautiful flowers on the table and counter. The actress invited HOLA! USA into her newly renovated home back when she and Joe posed for their January 2017 cover. “We enjoy our privacy, but we have the best fans in the world and we know it makes them happy to see us happy and in love,” the TV star said.

The actress and her son posed for a photo Halloween 2018 Photo: Instagram/sofiavergara

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At the time, Sofia revealed that she decorated the house herself. "Yes, I really did buy everything," she shared. "The decorator showed me things, but I knew I wanted a house that we could all enjoy." In the interview, the Hollywood stars also opened up about their relationship. “We realized very early on that we each had to put the other person’s happiness and wellbeing ahead of our own,” Joe said. “Once you realize that kind of trust has manifested, you hang on for dear life.”

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