Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini

You'll never believe what Leah Remini did to BFF Jennifer Lopez on the set of their upcoming film

Leah Remini brought her friendship with Jennifer Lopez to the big screen. The actress opened up about the moment she got overly excited, and a little too physical, while filming a scene with J.Lo in their upcoming movie Second Act. “The reason why I loved the idea of doing a movie with Jennifer is because I was going to do a lot of things that wasn’t in the script and I was going to be able to improv,” she said during her appearance on Ellen.

Leah Remini shared what happened when she got carried away during a scene with BFF J.Lo Photo: Getty Images

“And so that scene, I just said I’m going to do some stuff to Jennifer that I do in real life.” During the scene, Leah used her real-life “Who’s the champ,” motivational tactic with her BFF. However, this time, she got a little carried away. “What you’re seeing is her really reacting. I slapped her, and she cracked me right across the face at the end. And you’ll see as she’s walking away, I start to smile. I fell to the ground in laughter. Ruined the tape because she cracked me so hard.”


In the move, art imitates life, as Leah and Jennifer play longtime best friends. The 48-year-old actress opened up about what it was like to co-star with her bestie. “It is fun, but sometimes working with friends, it’s not easy. And sometimes when you have chemistry, like working with your significant other, it doesn’t mean that you will have chemistry on screen,” she shared.

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Leah and Jennifer star in the upcoming film Second Act Photo: Instagram/@jlo

“So I was really, really, really happy when we did our first day of shooting and it was just very easy. It felt like Leah and Jennifer.” Last year, Jennifer broke the news that she would be working with her best friend via Instagram. Next to a selfie showing her snuggled close to her BFF, the Limitless singer wrote, “Every Lucy needs and Ethel. Look who is doing a movie together!!! #SecondAct @leahremini.” Second Act hits theaters on December 14.


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