Sofia Carson reveals what – and who – makes her happy in HOLA! USA

In an HOLA! USA exclusive, Sofia Carson opens up about her Latino roots and lets us see beyond the artist, to her other important roles as daughter and big sister. Apart from detailing the special bond she has with her family, Sofia reveals the next steps she will take in her career and gives us the inside story on one of her favorite passions: helping others. All the exclusive details – and images from the fun photo shoot – can be found in the new edition of the magazine, which is available to subscribers on September 13 and hits newsstands on September 21

Florida-born Sofia – whose parents are Colombian – returns to the movie world in 2019 with Disney's Descendants 3. And while her professional life is clearly flourishing, the actress and singer’s number one priority is her loved ones. Thanks to her upbringing, she grew up believing that she could do anything she put her mind to – and that she says, is the secret to her success. “For me, family is everything, so I feel those values very, very close to my heart," she told us. "I believe that this passion is something very Latino.”

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On the subject of how she balances work and her home life the 25-year-old – who stars in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists – admits that it’s complicated since she divides her life between Miami and Los Angeles. However, the precious time she does get to spend with her sister and parents is so special that they enjoy every minute.

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Also in this issue, the artist gives us the inside story on the close bond she shares with Paulina Daccarett, her sister, partner in crime and best friend. Although she’s a well-known star, down-to-earth Sofia is no diva, and on a normal day with Pau, as she affectionately calls her, the pair might go out to dinner or see a movie. Paulina sat in our interview with Sofia – and even revealed some of her sister’s secrets!

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Another one of the rising star’s biggest passions is music. Sofia’s latest single with R3HAB Rumors is quickly finding success on the charts. The songstress told us what it means to see the fans respond to the hit. “It’s incredible,” she said. “We just got an email today that it has over six million streams in the first week. The week it came out, it was the most added song in the world.”


She continued: “I’m just so happy. Sharing music is such a personal thing and when you share a part of yourself and people respond to it, that’s just a really wonderful experience.”

As well as telling us about the most special people in her life, Sofia also gives us the lowdown on, film and TV projects, and her humanitarian work with UNICEF and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She also lets us know what’s in her heart at the moment and what makes her happy.

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