Melanie Griffith shares incredible photo of Tippi Hedren

Seeing Melanie Griffith's 88-year-old mom Tippi Hedren vogue at her tiger refuge will blow your mind

Roar! Former fashion model and actress Tippi Hedren has still got it. Her famous daughter Melanie Griffith sang her praises on Instagram along with a stunning photo over Labor Day weekend. At 88-years-old, Tippi proved that she still possesses all of her star power as she gracefully transformed a dirt road into her own personal runway. The iconic mommy-daughter duo spent a meaningful day together at the Shambala Preserve in Acton, California, a sanctuary which Tippi’s The Roar Foundation supports. It was crystal clear from her posts that the 61-year-old Working Girl actress is incredibly proud of her mother.

Tippi Hedren made it clear that she still knows how to work it Photo: Instagram/@melaniegriffith

“My amazing 88 year old Mom!!! <3” Melanie wrote along with the picture of Tippi working it in a floral-print sun dress, lovely accessories and sleek sunglasses. Later, Melanie shared a snap of one of her mom’s fierce tigers named Mendhi along with a link to the preserve, which aims to give a refuge for exotic felines that have been mistreated or neglected.

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Eye of the tiger! Melanie and Tippi spent the day with some refuge tigers Photo: Instagram/@melaniegriffith

Founded in 1983, The Roar Foundation was named after an infamous adventure movie that Tipi and Melanie starred in together just two years prior: Roar. Tipi’s then-husband Noel Marshall directed and acted in the flick, which also featured his two sons from previous wife Jaye Joseph. Over the whopping eleven years it took to shoot the production, over 70 people were injured, including Tippi, Melanie and Noel. Many of the real animal attacks were put into the movie, which is anothe reason why it’s considered one of the most dangerous films ever made.


Dakota Johnson’s mom seems to pay homage to Tippi quite a bit on her social media pages. Just recently, she reposted a behind-the-scenes clip that shows her young mom’s screen test with actor Martin Balsam, who inquires about her experience with Alfred Hitchcock. “My beautiful Mama!!” she wrote in the caption.

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