Enrique Iglesias' model sisters showed they're big fans of this Latin heartthrob (and it's not him!)

Enrique Iglesias's twin sisters Cristina and Victoria Iglesias  – whose parents are Enrique's dad Julio and his stepmother Miranda Rijnsburger – have been spending the summer in glamorous Marbella, Spain. They haven't made many high-profile outings during their stay in the luxurious A-list hotspot, but they made one exception, though: an appearance at the celebrity-studded Starlite Gala, hosted by Antonio Banderas, to see one of their favorite singers. And no, it wasn't their half-brother Enrique! It was Colombian heartthrob Sebastián Yatra. 


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Victoria and Cristina were thrilled to get to meet one of their fave stars, Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra Photo: Starlite Festival


Sebastian, 23, shot to fame in 2016 when he kicked off his international career with his hit song Traicionera, which went to the top of the charts in the US, Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Since then, Sebastián, who is known as “el niño bueno de la música urbana” ("urban music's boy next door") has become one of the most-followed Latino artists on social media with more than six million followers on Instagram. As it turns out, Cristina and Victoria are among the millions of Sebastian's US fans and they were able to finally meet him in Marbella thanks to the founder of the Starlite Festival, Sandra García-Sanjuán.


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The 17-year-old twins are aspiring models with plans for college in the future Photo: Instagram/@cristinaiglesiasr

In October last year, the two teens posed exclusively for HOLA! and gave their first-ever interview, in which they declared themselves major music fans. Their father and brother, of course, are among their preferred performers (their favorite song by their dad is De Niña a Mujer, and their top pick from Enrique is his hit Hero, although they added that all of their brother's songs are "really good").

Still, it seems that Victoria and Cristina, who are aspiring influencers  – Cristina has more than 80,000 Instagram followers and her sister around 78,000 – with dreams of fashion careers, won't be following in the family footsteps into the music industry. Instead, as well as their modeling goals, they plan to head off to college, where Victoria's focus would be business, while Cristina is a fan of not just Sebastián Yatra, but also history and law. 

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