While Kim Kardashian's voluptuous curves and sexy style are now iconic, and emulated by women around the world, it wasn't long ago that the reality TV star and makeup mogul was on a quest for beauty and fashion role models of her own to copy. In an interview with L.A. Weekly, Kim reveals that as a teenager she felt unrepresented in the worlds of beauty and fashion – and looked to Mexican-born star Salma Hayek as her inspiration, even when choosing a look for prom!


Kim Kardashian Salma Hayek lace VIEW GALLERY Kim reveals that as a teen she felt her body type and looks weren't represented – until Mexican beauty Salma Hayek came along Photos: Getty Images

At the time, given Kim's Armenian heritage and curvaceous figure, there were few famous women that Kim could look to as her own style icon to emulate – but that all changed when she spotted Frida beauty Salma. "I was like, 'Whoa, okay, like we're not the same nationality but I feel her and I get her,'" she told the magazine. "And I remember I was going to my prom and was like, 'What glam look do I want for prom?' So I looked up Salma Hayek's looks."

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Thirty-seven-year-old Kim's global fame, cosmetics company KKW Beauty and of course her 114million Instagram followers mean that she is now someone with an undeniable influence on industries from fashion to entertainment and beyond. Describing the Kardashian look as "curvy" and "playful", she explained to L.A. Weekly: "I hope I've contributed maybe to a more ethnic look, so that other people that maybe look a little bit more like me can see that we're out there. I mean, I never saw anyone with my body type in magazines, so seeing people like Jennifer Lopez and Salma really inspired me, and made me feel more comfortable and confident."

Kim said she looked look up to another celebrity as well – Jennifer Lopez, seen here with the reality TV beauty at the One Voice: Somos Live! fundraiser last October Photo: Getty Images

In May, Kim also cited Mamma Mia 2 star Cher as one of her latest wardrobe influences. “There is no one who has taken more fashion risks,” she told Vogue. “Going to the Oscars in a sheer thong! She did it first. She did everything first.” 

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Meanwhile, the mother-of-three is showing she's also enjoying her own icon status, loving it when fans try out their own takes on the Kardashian look. "I'm obviously very flattered when I see people recreate our makeup looks, and we love that," she confessed to L.A. Weekly. "[My makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic] and I are always posting and asking people to tag us, and saying, 'We want to see your interpretation.' To see people really nail it and really get it – I love that."

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