David Spade recalls his mother's hilarious meeting with Selena Gomez, Kate Spade's legacy

David Spade’s family sure knows how to make a first impression. The Father of the Year star recalled how his mother managed to embarrass him in front of his Hotel Transylvania 3 co-star, Selena Gomez at the film’s premiere. During his appearance on the Tonight Show on Tuesday, July 17, David told Jimmy Fallon how he arranged for his daughter Harper, his niece Bee, the daughter of the late Kate Spade, and mother to meet Selena. She’s a huge star,” the 53-year-old quipped. “They’re sort of bored of me.”


David Spades mother reacts to meeting Selena Gomez VIEW GALLERY David Spade shared the hilarious story about his mother and daughter's meeting with Selena Gomez Photo: Getty Images 

After the Bad Liar singer gave his daughter and niece hugs, David shared how his mom made her first impression from across the room. “My mom goes, ‘Lupus,’” referencing how she also suffers from the autoimmune disease. “I have it, you have it.” David shared that when Selena tried to relate to his mother, her excitement got in the way and hilariously ruined the moment. “Selena says to her ‘I’m always tired, are you always tired a lot?’ and she goes, ‘nope, full of energy.”

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He continued: “I’m like ‘mom, play along. She’s trying to relate to you.’” Selena, has been candid about her trouble with the disease, since she revealed her diagnosis in 2015. David continued to share memories of the women in his life. The Joe Dirt star opened up about the love his family received after the death of his sister-in-law Kate in June.

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“We’re doing as good as we can,” he said on Good Morning America. “It’s been very tough. It’s really sweet that she really made an impact.” After expressing how Katy would politely acknowledge the women who dressed up to be around her, he became overcome with emotion. “She was such a beautiful, lovely, great spirit. That will obviously be missed.”

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