Paul McCartney joins James Corden for his 'best' Carpool Karaoke

Find out why Paul McCartney made James Corden cry on most epic Beatles edition of Carpool Karaoke

Sir Paul McCartney took a drive down memory lane with James Corden. The iconic singer joined The Late Late Show host for a new installment of "Carpool Karaoke" in Liverpool, where the pair visited famous Beatles landmarks around Paul’s old stopping grounds. "Your music is so full of positivity and joy and a message of love and togetherness. I feel like it's more relevant now today then it’s maybe ever been," James told the 76-year-old. Paul admitted, "We expected it to last ten years, but it keeps going on, and on, and on. And it keeps being relevant."

James and Paul drove around Liverpool for the latest installment of "Carpool Karaoke" Photo: Craig Sugden/CBS ©

During the nearly 25-minute video, the duo belted out classic Beatles hits like Drive My Car, Penny Lane, Blackbird and Let it Be, which brought James to tears. He confessed, “I didn't feel it coming, it's too much for me. I didn't see that one coming around the corner.” Paul replied, "That's the power of music, it's weird isn't it? How that can do that to you.” The TV host noted, ”I can remember my granddad, who's a musician, and my dad sitting me down and saying, 'We're gonna play you the best song that you've ever heard' and I remember them playing me that," adding, "If my grandad was here right now, he'd get an absolute kick out of this."

After touring Paul’s hometown, the duo dropped by a local pub where they surprised a crowd with goosebump-inducing performances like Hey Jude. Tweeting the epic video, James admitted, “Quite possibly the best #CarpoolKaraoke we’ve done so far. I hope you like it. I’ll never ever forget it. Take a breath and jump in.”


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