Eva Longoria's 'water breaks' on a shirtless DJ Pauly D during her Ellen visit

Eva Longoria has been keeping busy with her fashion line, producing her ABC pilot among many other projects, but when it comes to being ready for baby, she had a different tune. During her visit to The Ellen Show, the mom-to-be quipped about how unprepared she is for her son’s arrival. “I haven’t done anything yet,” the 43-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres when asked if she has a nursery or a name. “Should I have that by now? I don’t have anything. I’m in between homes so I haven’t had the chance to get the nursery or a name.”


Eva Longoria appeared on Ellen to talk the upcoming birth of her first child Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The Overboard star does have her baby shower planned. During a fun round of picking baby names, when it landed on Cinco de Mayo, she laughed at the suggestion. “Cinco de Mayo de Baston,” she quipped at the name. “My baby shower is going to be on Cinco de Mayo and that was just accidental because that was the only weekend I had available.”

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The Desperate Housewives star was joined by a special visitor on the show, Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D, for a game of Oops My Water Broke. As the MTV star took off his shirt, Eva blushed and made sure she had a grasp on the rules. “So, the point is to not get a balloon on him,” she asked as she began the game with Ellen. “Because I want him to get wet.”

Eva Longoria Baby Prep Ellen Degeneres VIEW GALLERY Eva played a hilarious game of Oops My Water Broke with DJ Pauly D Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. 


Last month, Eva talked to HOLA! USA about her plans to work through the majority of the pregnancy. “I feel great,” she said ahead of her son's June arrival. “I’m in the golden month of the second trimester. It’s a lot of fun to keep working, have energy and not be extremely tired anymore. I’ll actually be taking some time off to nest, and really just focus on the baby before he arrives.”


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