Alex Rodriguez calls meeting Jennifer Lopez 'luckiest day' of life

He said, she said! Alex Rodriguez shared his story of how he first met girlfriend Jennifer Lopez during his first appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, April 9. “I describe it as the luckiest day of my life,” the former Yankees star said. After a business lunch in Los Angeles, A-Rod recalled, “I’m walking outside and I forget where I parked my car. I have no idea and for ten or 12 minutes I’m sitting there and I’m kind of getting upset now — anyways someone taps me on the shoulder, and I turn around and I do not recognize this person and it's Jennifer, but she's dressed up as Harlee from Shades of Blue and she's in her jeans and her big boots.”


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“It took me about four or five seconds. And she said, 'It's Jennifer! It's Jennifer!' I go, 'Oh my God, Jennifer, you look beautiful.' I was so embarrassed and then I got a little nervous, and I'm like, 'This is so goofy, we all know who Jennifer is and she's everywhere.' Then we basically had a small chit-chat,” Alex continued. “And she says, 'You have my number, reach out.' And I went home that night and I reached out."


While the story garnered “awws” from the audience, Ellen DeGeneres was skeptical. “Well, totally different story,” she told Alex. “[Jennifer] says you went up to her and you approached her at her table and started talking. I’m pretty sure. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but that’s what she said. You approached her.” The talk show host jokingly added. “One of you is lying.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez FaceTimeVIEW GALLERY Alex FaceTimed girlfriend Jennifer Lopez while on the talk show Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Ellen and Alex, 42, later FaceTimed Jennifer on the show, where they set the record straight. The host told the singer: "He just told a totally different story. He said that you went up to him and not the way you told it." Jennifer clarified saying, “No. I went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder.”

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Jennifer and Alex have been dating for over a year. The couple recently purchased a $15 million New York City apartment together in the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Last year, the Shades of Blue actress opened up to HOLA! USA about her romance with the retired baseball star.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez familyVIEW GALLERY The couple recently purchased a NYC apartment together Photo: Instagram/@arod

“I’m in a good relationship,” Jennifer, 48, said. “I feel like I can say that for the first time— I don’t know — maybe ever. And not that I didn’t have great relationships, full of love and adventure, but this is the first relationship I’ve been where I feel like we really make each other better. We complement each other, and there’s really pure, true love. Just wanting to support the other person and make them happy. So there’s a different selflessness in the love that’s beautiful and different. And healthy!”

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