The Zeta-Douglas clan reminsced about the good old days, as they recreated a sweet family throwback photo over the holiday weekend. Catherine Zeta-JonesMichael Douglas and their two teenage children, Dylan and Carys, took a trip down memory lane while visiting their family cottage in Canada on St. Patrick's Day. The high-profile foursome couldn’t resist reenacting a picture that was taken over a decade ago. In the original photo, the Hollywood couple are seen holding their two children outside the cottage, with Carys in Catherine's arms, and Dylan being held by dad Michael.


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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas with their two children over ten years ago Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

In the present photo, Carys, 14, and Dylan, 17, – now too big to be carried – recreated the pose with their parents the best they could. They hilariously held up their legs to look as if they were being picked up. Catherine took to her Instagram account to share the photos with her followers, writing along with them: "As time goes by. Outside our cottage in Canada." Fans were quick to compliment the pictures, with one writing: "What a nice family you have," while another said: "Oh I love these!" A third added: "Time really does fly doesn’t it?! What an awesome photo of all of you."

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The famous family is all grown up now in 2018 Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

The family holiday comes shortly after Catherine told HOLA! TV that her family are going through a "busy time" at the moment. In January, the Chicago star, who arrived sans her husband at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, said: "Michael is with the children. I'm here with my brother. They are not babies anymore but my son is going through all the college applications. It's a very busy time for us."

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While time is going quickly, Catherine appears to love raising teenagers, enjoying the time with her children just as much as when they were little. In an interview on Today, she said: "I kind of pre-empted the roll-your-eyes teenager years. I love it. I just love the freshness.It's all so exciting to me… I was working when I was my son's age. I was in the theatre, and I look at him, and I go, 'Wow, I was working when I was your age.' So I'm just enjoying this time, learning a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't know."

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