Camila Cabello on learning to love herself and accepting imperfections: 'Perfect is boring'

Camila Cabello’s heart is in her Latin culture. “It’s important for me to be outspoken about my background as a Latina,” the 21-year-old shared with Glamour magazine. “All the traditions we have—my family, my temper, falling in love, how I eat, how I dance—it’s such a huge part of who I am." The Cuban-Mexican star, who graces the cover of the magazine with Elle Fanning and Aja Namoi King, is living her dream and using her story to inspire others.


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”It doesn’t matter where you come from, nobody can tell you where you’re going,” she said. “I didn’t even think that [music] was a plausible career for me, because I was living in Miami with immigrant parents who just wanted me to focus on school. Everybody I went to auditions with was born in L.A. or New York [with means]. There was nobody I could look up to. I didn’t see myself represented in pop culture.”

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While the Havana singer didn’t have many people to look up to in the entertainment industry, she found beauty in the people around her growing up in Miami. “The good thing was I grew up around a lot of Latin people in Miami,” she noted. "It was a melting pot of cultures. I wasn’t surrounded by one type of person. But still, there was a period when I really wanted light eyes. It was only as I got older that I was like, 'I like my brown eyes, I like my black hair, I like my skin. I don’t need to be blond and blue-eyed.'”


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Camila continued: “There are still things I’m insecure about, like my crooked teeth, but I think part of beauty is accepting imperfections. The more I meet people and see the world, the more I realize it’s those little quirks—a birthmark, a crooked tooth, a scar—that makes you, you. As they say with art: Perfect is boring.”

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When it comes to her beauty secrets, the Never Be the Same singer has picked up a few from her relatives. “For my mom and all the [women] in our family, it’s about doing whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself,” Camila shared. “For instance, we have our beauty secrets: You crack open an egg, take out the yolk, put the white on your face, and let it dry up to close up your pores. I also do this honey mask—it gets really hot and moisturizes your skin. And we’re into putting oil all over your body and doing hair masks.”

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