Kim Kardashian supports newest squad member, Ukranian billionaire Marina Acton on her special night

Kim Kardashian has a new member of her squad – and she’s pretty fabulous! Earlier this week, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star was on hand to celebrate Marina Acton and the release of her latest single Fantasize during a lavish party thrown in Hollywood. After the party, the KKW Beauty mogul posted a photo of her and the Ukrainian singer on her Instagram, which she captioned: “Hanging with my girl @marina_acton last night at her single release party for Fantasize produced by @rayromulus Go check it out available now everywhere.”


marina-acton-flowersVIEW GALLERY Marina is an aspiring pop star Photo: Instagram/@marina_acton

The Ukrainian singer and philanthropist shared her sentiments with a post next to her and the 36-year-old snapping a selfie, from the party, on her personal Instagram account that read: “#love this #pic #taking #selfie with @kimkardashian at my #fantasize #party.” The socialite has recently been seen out with Kim at events and shopping days. She even made an appearance at the star's holiday party.


Marina made waves at the end of last year, when she purchased Kim and Kanye West’s $17.8 million Bel Air home. The mega-mansion, which was designed by Kim and the Famous singer, had all the qualities that the aspiring musician was looking for. After she was given a private tour of the home by the A-list couple, Marina knew it was the house of her dreams and the makings of a life-long friendship.

marina-acton-listening-partyVIEW GALLERY The Fantasize singer recently purchased Kim's Bel Air home Photo: Getty Images

“It was amazing to see someone who is so popular be so down to earth,” she told Entertainment Tonight. The house, which was purchased by the West’s in 2013, was renovated ahead of it’s purchase to include a massive pool and a glam room. The only thing that wasn’t finished was the studio, which was the deciding factor for the rising pop star.


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Marina gave fans a sneak peek at the home in a photo posted on her Instagram earlier this month. She noted, "My #love for #music has been #central to my #identity ... As it happened, though, my #career #path was #destined to #steer #me #away from music.. All the while, #passion for music still #burned #brightly. I rediscovered my “first love”, and began to #sing, #dance & play #piano in a #professional #level. #inspiration #lives in my @kimkardashianhouse where #new #art is being #born,#btw #baterfly #art on the floor is created by #kanyewest and #kimkadashian #kids."

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