Meghan Markle has always been destined to be a royal. A picture of the former Suits actress from high school surfaced, showing her wearing a glittering tiara after she was awarded Homecoming Queen. In the photo, posted by Twitter user Meghan’s Mirror, Prince Harry’s fiancée was all smiles as she wore a strapless lilac gown and held a bouquet of flowers, as she stood next to her date. Fans loved the old picture as they dubbed Meghan the "perfect queen" and commented that they can't wait to see her in a real tiara.

An old photo surfaced of Meghan winning Homecoming Queen in high school Photo: Getty Images 

"It's not fair that she looked that good in high school. LOL," wrote one fan, while another enthused: "She's beautiful!!" Old photos and videos of Meghan have gradually come to light following the news that she is engaged to Prince Harry. Last year, an old clip showed Meghan at age 11 campaigning for women's rights. Nick News host Linda Ellerbee provided the video footage to Inside Edition, which shows a remarkably confident Meghan talking about gender issues.

After watching an advertisement for Ivory dishwasher soap which said "women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans," Meghan decided to write letters asking for the "sexist" language to be changed from "women" to "people." Her father encouraged her to write to Proctor & Gamble, civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred and the first lady at the time, Hillary Clinton. She also wrote to Linda Ellerbee, who interviewed Meghan for the news station in 1993.

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In the video, Meghan is seen saying: "I don't think it is right for kids to grow up thinking that mom does everything. If you see something that you don't like or offended by on television or any other place, write letters and send them to the right people and you can really make a difference, not just for yourself but for lots of other people." After Meghan's protest, the ad changed the terminology to "people."


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