Thalía is reliving her quinceañera days. The Mexican singer dressed up in an elaborate pink quinceañera dress on Monday, December 18, for an appearance on ¡Despierta América! to promote her upcoming HBO documentary series 15: A Quinceañera Story. The 46-year-old donned a show-stopping ballgown that featured a beaded bodice and ruffled skirt for the occasion. Thalía, who starred in the late ‘80s soap opera Quinceañera, completed her look by styling her long tresses down in loose waves and wearing a sparkling tiara. 

Tommy Mottola's wife recently reflected on her own quinceañera with HOLA! USA. Thalía shared, “I had kind of two quinces because the original, the real quince was typical. It was like with a long tight dress not those kind of [ballgown] dresses and in a club with a DJ and the one that I did in the soap opera [Quinceañera] was a classical quinceañera party so I had the two of them."

Thalía dressed up as a quinceañera for an appearance on ¡Despierta América! Photo: Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

The Mexican actress revealed on ¡Despierta América! that she did not want a traditional party to celebrate her 15th birthday because her father Ernesto Sodi, who died when she was five, would not be there and she would not be able to have the customary father-daughter dance.

While she didn’t have a typical quince, her ten-year-old daughter Sabrina is already looking forward to her own quinceañera and has a dress in mind for the big day. Thalía previously told HOLA! USA, “[Sabrina’s] right now, she’s talking about it. ‘I want my quinces. I want my quinces. I love it. I want my dress to be like the one, the same like you got married with papi [Tommy Mottola]. That big one.’”



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Thalía made her directorial debut in HBO’s 15: A Quinceañera Story, which chronicles five young American Latinas as they prepare for their quinceañera celebration [15th birthday]. The Latin Grammy-winning artist admitted to HOLA! USA that the project hit close to home for her. “This is a project that is part of my whole life, my whole career,” she said. “The quince años is the most important tradition in my country and in hispanic families.”

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Thalía added, “I think that to keep the tradition going for this generation and to share it with a new audience like HBO is key and so important right now for our community and for this world that I think is dark and so many things happening that you just need so much love.”

15: A Quinceañera Story premieres December 19 at 7 p.m. ET on HBO



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