Michael Douglas reveals how he knew Catherine Zeta-Jones was the one while on their first date

Although Michael Douglas fell in love with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones for many reasons, this week he revealed the one that truly “sealed the deal.” While on the red carpet for his new film Flatliners, the 73-year-old actor reminisced about his first date with the gorgeous actress, telling Extra that for him it was love at first sight, especially when he found out one coincidental detail.


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Michael Douglas revealed what 'sealed the deal' between him and Catherine Zeta-Jones Photo: FilmMagic

“The first night I met her, I found out we had the same birthday and I was like, ‘Aw, man… that seals the deal,’ and we both thought it was so great,” Michael said while promoting his new movie at the L.A. premiere. The star and his 48-year-old wife were both born on September 25, with a 25-year age difference, of course.

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Putting his hand high in the air, he then jokingly quipped: “Now she is up to here with having the same birthday – she wants her own day…” Of course, Michael said he would happily give her that if it was possible. “I will give her anything she wants. I am crazy about her.”

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been married for 17 years Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

When asked about how he felt in a sweet throwback photo that Catherine recently posted in honor of his birthday, Michael said: “The first night we were together, I told her I was going to be the father of her children.” Along with the picture, which shows the now married pair on a date, Catherine wrote: “One of our early dates, a boxing fight in Vegas! You got me at round one. Happy Birthday darling.”

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Catherine recently spoke with the show about her 17-year marriage to the actor, no easy feat in Hollywood. The Feud star said her secret is “being kind, being nice having your listening ears.” Michael and Catherine, who tied the knot in 2000, share two children together: daughter Carys and son Dylan.

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