Aaron Diaz reveals how his career has been a 'blessing' for his daughters

Mexican star Aaron Diaz’s two daughters don’t lead an average preschool life. The 35-year-old, who stars as the face of Perry Ellis’ new fragrance for men and fall 2017 campaign, recently opened up to HOLA! USA at the launch of the menswear brand’s cologne in New York City about his family’s jet-setting life.


familyVIEW GALLERY Aaron and hiw wife travel around the world introducing their daughters to new countries Photo: Instagram/aarondiaz

“It opens up a whole different world for kids that are so young and are living that type of lifestyle. I think it’s a blessing,” he shared. “It matures them in a different way, I think, than the kids that are going to preschool everyday.”

Aaron added, “We involve them in everything we do because it’s our life and they have to adapt to our lifestyle. That’s how it is.”

daughtersVIEW GALLERY The actor's daughters are familiar with his work Photo: Instagram/aarondiaz

Though the Quantico actor’s daughters, Erin, four, and Regina, three, might be young, they already have a grasp on what their father and opera singer mom, Lola Ponce, do for a living. “They watch me on television,” the proud dad said. “They definitely know what [me and my wife] do."

He continued, “I think they think all parents do that. They are at that age right now where they don’t exactly know what’s going on, but they love it and you know they have two artist parents so they’re definitely artistic.”

aaronVIEW GALLERY The dad-of-two celebrated the launch of Perry Ellis' new fragrance for men in NYC Photo: Courtesy of Perry Ellis

When it comes to his career, the dad-of-two prides himself on being "versatile," much like Perry Ellis. “I get bored of doing one thing so I like to change it up,” he admitted. “I love what I do 360, but one of my favorite things about being an actor is I get to be a different person all the time. I get to interpret a different character [and] with modeling it’s the same thing.”

perryVIEW GALLERY The actor stars in Perry Ellis' fall 2017 campaign Photo: Courtesy of Perry Ellis

Aaron also noted, "I love to create new characters and doing things like what I’m doing now with Perry Ellis, a brand like this that’s so versatile, it helps me in my creation and getting to where I want to get to, talking about actor-wise and talking about creating a new character.”

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