Lin-Manuel Miranda and James Corden strip down for 'Crosswalk the Musical: Hair'

James Corden and Lin-Manuel Miranda let the sun shine all over their bodies for the latest edition of Crosswalk the Musical. The Late Late Show host and the Hamilton creator — who recently opened his hit Broadway show in Los Angeles — took to the streets of Hollywood to perform the 1960s musical Hair.

Lin and James performed Crosswalk the Musical: Hair on the Late Late Show Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS

James and Lin put on their best '60s-inspired wigs and hippie attire to perform the musical, which focuses on hippies living in New York City during Vietnam War era, all while dodging traffic. "In a lot of ways, I feel like everything I've ever done has been leading up to this point," Lin admitted in the hilarious sketch that aired on Thursday, August 17. "In the seven years I was writing Hamilton all I could think was, 'This is big enough. I might get on the Crosswalk.' And now it's happened."

Lin opened up the streetside production as he belted out the musical’s opening number Aquarius sporting an afro wig. The Tony winner and James also stripped down giving drivers an eyeful during the crosswalk performance. “In the original production of Hair the entire cast got naked but both CBS and the state of California told us that we couldn’t get nude in the crosswalk. But then again, people told me that Alexander Hamilton wasn’t a Puerto Rican rapper with beautiful brown eyes," Lin said before later shouting, "I've never felt so free!" 


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