Prince Oscar is spitting image of Princess Estelle from 2013 meeting with Sweden's hockey team

There’s no denying Prince Oscar of Sweden is his sister Princess Estelle's mini-me. The one-year-old royal was the spiting image of his big sister during a family engagement on Monday. The little Prince and Estelle joined their parents — Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel — and Uncle Prince Carl Philip at the royal palace, where they congratulated Sweden's men's national ice hockey team, the Tre Kronor (Three Crowns), on winning the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship on May 21.


VER GALERÍA Oscar (right) looked just like his then-baby sister did in 2013 (left) meeting the World Championship winners Photos:

Oscar looked just like his sister did in 2013  — for the same occasion  — sporting sneakers and a Tre Kronor’s yellow and blue jersey. Victoria's son looked all grown up on May 22 standing by himself as he held on to the World Championship trophy. Estelle kept a close watch on her little brother and even held his head at one point as they posed with their family and the players. The team members looked delighted to meet the royal family as they shook hands with the five-year-old Princess and showed her their trophy.

VER GALERÍA The little Prince looked all grown up standing beside the 2017 trophy Photo:

Victoria recently opened about how she is preparing her children for royal duties when they get older. While on a four-day royal visit to Japan, the Crown Princess revealed to the Swedish outlet, Svenskdam, that she talks to her young kids about her travels. "I think my parents made it very good and educational,” Victoria said. "They started very often from their travels and their visits in order to speak about Sweden and also in order to speak about the weight to lead forward with Sweden, Swedish valuations, Swedish research and technology. In this way, it becomes, of course, a natural attitude to what the role of such means but also what you are able to assist with."




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