Prince Albert reveals 2-year-old twins know who Donald Trump is and shares Easter plans

Though they are only two-years-old, Prince Albert’s twins – Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella – are already proving to be experts when it comes to foreign affairs. “They already know who Donald Trump is. They know who the president of France is,” the proud dad told People Magazine, adding, “Vladimir Putin.” He continued, “You ask them, ‘Who is the head of Russia?’ And yes, they actually reply, ‘Putin.'”


VER GALERÍA Prince Albert revealed that his twins are familiar with world leaders Photo: Kasia Wandycz / Palais Princier

Princess Grace Kelly’s son, 59, credits his wife, Princess Charlene, for his twins’ learning skills. “[Gabriella] was the first with letters and numbers, but Jacques has caught up with her now,” Albert shared. “I think that’s entirely Charlene’s influence, and they are both pretty even.” The doting mom-of-two previously revealed that her children are inquisitive and enjoy asking her questions. She told Paris-Match Magazine, "They want to know everything, to understand everything, to ask me thousands of questions. They also want to try everything."


VER GALERÍA The royal tots will enjoy their first Easter egg hunt this year Photo: Eric Mathon / Palais Princier

This Easter weekend will mark a new experience for the royal tots. “This will be their first Easter egg hunt,” Albert revealed. Storms canceled last year’s hunt, however this year the twins are ready and will have their parents nearby to assist. “We’ll kind of have to point them in the right direction, but afterwards, they’re pretty self-directed,” the Monaco royal said. “They pick things up really quickly now — especially Gabriella. She’s especially smart with things like that.”

Ealier this year, Charlene called her little ones "adorable and inexhaustible.” She also revealed that Jacques keeps a watchful eye on Gabriella. Charlene said, “He is very protective of his sister. Nothing is ever their fault, they support themselves, comfort themselves. I can spend hours watching them play.”

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