What will Oscar nominees and winners eat after the gala?

After the glamor and nerves of the awards ceremony, comes the most relaxed part of the night

The countdown to the 89th Oscars began and, in addition to the organizers and nominees, there are chefs getting the last details of the evening ready, the latter in charge of the dinner of the annual grand gala.


The banquet, known as Governors Ball, has a menu, planned in advance that only 1500 people will enjoy that night, mainly the nominees and winners of a golden statuette.

The exclusive guests to this dinner can taste a menu of 400 artisanal pizzas, 10 kilos of caviar, 160 kilos of tuna and 250 lobsters. A delicious chocolate will close the menu as dessert, but it is not just any chocolate, it is a very special one with the form of the golden Oscar statuette, in total seven thousand pieces were ordered for that night.

The chef of this delicacy is the Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck. His name is already well known in the dinners of this gala, since he has been working for the event for 23 years.


Chef Puck understands that in the entertainment world there are different tastes, so it will also include mini Kobe beef burgers with cheddar cheese and shrimp tacos with mango, avocado and aioli. In addition there will be a sushi bar with seafood and raw fish salad called poke.

Hot dishes such as soup, baked potatoes, chicken pie and black truffle, macaroni and cheese and veal ribs; They will also have a place in the great hall. And those who prefer a cold dish, may choose from yogurt with goat cheese or desserts such as ice cream, sorbets and raspberry lychees.



To drink, celebrities will have options among the official wines of the party that this year come from the winery of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. The Director's Cut label will feature a variety of a Cinema Premiere 2013, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot and Petite Sirah, and a Chardonnay Russion River.

In all, 300 chefs are working on this great menu in which the food will not be everything because the atmosphere and decoration of the ballroom will play a very important role. This year is in charge of audio and video designer Jeffrey Kurland and to welcome the guests, he will project a video full of colors ranging from variations of red to a combination of multicolored and gold sparkles.

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