Video appears to show Melania avoiding the caresses of Donald Trump

The First Lady made an appearance next to her husband to show that she is happy with her new role, but this footage seems to paint a different picture.

A couple of weeks ago, US Weekly interviewed Phillip Bloch, a stylist for the Trump family, who sparked a controversy by declaring that Melania feels "miserable" in the First Lady position. In reference to notably absent First Lady, Phillip confessed that Melania feels "overwhelmed and miserable," because the life she now lives "is Donald's dream, not hers."


It is possible that Bloch's statements inspired the latest appearance of Melania, who was present last Saturday in Florida during the President's rally. But if the mother of Barron Trump was to show that she does not dislike being the First Lady, there is a video that, according to some, betrays her. "This clip shows the 'FLOTUS' physically trembling when being casually touched by her husband," says Hollywood Reporter.

During the same night, a second incident triggered the suspicions of several people. A clip, which was published by editor John Araovis in his Twitter account, shows how Melania decides to board a van on the other side, avoiding to do it next to the President:

Both incidents reminded the moment when Melania, who was sitting behind her husband, smiled rather briefly during Donald's inauguration last month:

After publishing the interview with Phillip Bloch, US Weekly said that there is a second source who says that "Melania is very happy." But the absence of the First Lady —in politics, in the White House, in the typical jobs of the role like receiving the representatives of other countries— is quite remarkable. "Do not let her smile on photos fool you," Phillip Bloch told Us Weekly, "she's hating this."

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